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Our Mission

Middlebury has been known for its language programs since its creation in 1800. Our language schools are where CIA officials and State Department foreign service members come to study before deploying to far off places. For many, Middlebury is ​learning languages. However, while we offer courses in Ancient Greek or tongues that require a plane ticket to access, we don't offer courses that can help all of us communicate with the communities that surround us here in Middlebury and the greater U.S. 


Currently, Middlebury only offers one ASL 1 course during January Term. That's one month of ASL and no opportunity for future improvement for people who want to learn more about this amazing language. Regularly, this class is packed and has a waiting list of over 50 people on it -- obviously there is interest from the students. 


Please join us, the Middlebury ASL club and all of our supporters, in bringing ASL classes to Middlebury College by signing our petition. 

TL;DR: Bring ASL classes to Middlebury.


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